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Become beta tester of our news assistant that discovers an endless stream of news, articles and other content for you. Ad-free, loaded with privacy features and highly personalised.

Endless content

Discover a stream of continuous reading recommendations that you will love. News, articles and other content from great sources are just one scroll away.

Full on privacy

Everything you do and read with Xayn stays on your device. We’ve also made our product completely ad-free, so that you can't be retargeted by anyone. On top of that, we block cookies & third-party trackers, so that you stay completely anonymous.

Your personalised news assistant

Our powerful edge AI learns all about your interests and searches the internet for content recommendations you will love. Powered by great content sources from around the world and individually curated for you.

Green is good

While we're certified carbon neutral, we believe that emissions reduction is better. That's why we built our AI to be 94.5% more energy efficient than Google's BERT model.

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